We like to ‘target’ our team’s birthdays

We like to ‘target’ our team’s birthdays

The office birthday. How do you mark someone in your team’s birthday in a memorable way and show them they’re an important part of who we are? Cupcakes – certainly helps, especially when they include Choclate Chai ones (Elise?). A card? Pass.

Our Sales Manager Phil’s birthday was today. And Alana suggested a fun and technically interested way to mark it. Let’s serve side-skin ads on our sports site, The Roar, wishing him happy birthday.

We’re into targeting our media, so we served the ad to the IP range of Phil and Alana’s office in Surry Hills. This way, no wasted media (and no-one asking who the heck Phil was!).

And it’s a nice way to show that we can be clever about deploying media in targeted ways (office targeting? No problem!).

Here’s the ad we ran – apologies for the design. The MD is noted for design appreciation, but not for design execution.

Oh, and the destination site when you clicked the ads? Check it out, what better song to mark the day?

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