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  • boothin
    The Conversant crew scavenges Surry

    Buttonless taxi drivers. Brushes with celebrity. Belligerent barracks guards. This year’s Conversant Media scavenger hunt had it all. On a brisk Friday afternoon in July, we set out on another annual instalment of ...

  • Some of the Conversant team working
    13 more facts you never knew (and never wanted to know!) about the Conversant Media team

    Well, it’s that time of year again. After the success of our wildly popular (within the team at least…) blog post “Nine facts we bet you don’t know about the Conversant Media team” last yea...

  • Tristan Sorrel
    A Conversant session on who our audience (really) is

    As publishers, it’s vital we have a clear and deep understanding of our audience. And as we grow rapidly and work with brands in smarter and more involved ways, the importance of audience insights only increases. I...

  • CM Accounting Session
    How we learned to love numbers: Boozy Accounting 101

    Our very brave accountant Greg recently hijacked our Friday ‘wine-up’ (a company tradition to finish each week with booze and team wins) to run us through Accounting 101. We knew we were going to be in for a ...

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