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  • Tristan Sorrel
    A Conversant session on who our audience (really) is

    As publishers, it’s vital we have a clear and deep understanding of our audience. And as we grow rapidly and work with brands in smarter and more involved ways, the importance of audience insights only increases. I...

  • CM Accounting Session
    How we learned to love numbers: Boozy Accounting 101

    Our very brave accountant Greg recently hijacked our Friday ‘wine-up’ (a company tradition to finish each week with booze and team wins) to run us through Accounting 101. We knew we were going to be in for a ...

  • Gin_party
    In Celebration of New Successes

    In recent weeks here at Conversant Media we’ve had a number of successes of which we’re quite proud. We’ve launched The Roar’s new Motorsports Section, we’ve formed strong new partnerships w...

  • A Christmas bonus enjoyed decadently … in July!

    Well, not quite, but almost. As our bosses have reminded me, I’ve been a bit tardy in using the very generous gift of some cash to use for an extraordinary experience they gave us over Christmas time. Our video pro...

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