Conversant Wins… Small Publisher of the Year!

Conversant Wins… Small Publisher of the Year!

Weeeeeeee are the chaaaampions, my frieeeeeeeend!

Conversant Media has been crowned as the best Small Publisher in Australia at the Publish Awards in Sydney about a week and a half ago.

Nominated last year, we came second in this award to Refraction Media in WA, but we were insistent that we get the top gong this year. So we put together a hell of a pitch, sent it off to the judges, and came out on top.

The yells that issued from our 14-person table were probably the loudest of the evening, in no small part thanks to my own competitive streak.

Incidentally, we were also nominated for the Best Consumer Website (The Roar), and Best Single Article (this cracker of a piece from Geoff Lemon).

There’s no doubting these awards don’t happen by accident. Zac and Zolton went ‘all in’ on Conversant eight years ago, and it’s them we have to thank for the business we’ve built today.

Sadly, neither was able to attend the awards ceremony as Zac had just jetted off to the south of France for a holiday (so don’t feel too sorry for him) and Zolton was nestled away in New York (again, not much sympathy).

From there, it’s been a procession of great people who’ve helped develop our sites and methods into where they are today.

This post will sadly be too short to name them all and their contributions, but on behalf of Zolton and Zac, I’d just like to thank everyone who’s helped us achieve this huge honour.

An award is great, and validation for what we’ve achieved so far, but the work to become the future of media starts now. Time to get stuck in!





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