CM’s Christmas Extravaganza

CM’s Christmas Extravaganza

There was much hype around this year’s Christmas party: whispers of an even bigger boat than last year, mounds of alcohol, a vote on either a Chinese or Lebanese banquet and who was going to sing what at Ding Dong Dangs.

We started the day in the office, where Santa (Zac and Zolt) had kindly started his rounds early this year by delivering special presents – awaiting us at our desks.

We probably couldn’t have asked for a warmer day, with the temperature reaching a scorching 38 degrees. A perfect day for a booze cruise on our fancy catamaran in Sydney harbour.

Sydney Harbour

We set off at midday from King Street Wharf, past Barangaroo and under the Harbour Bridge towards Taylor’s Bay, during which the gang mentally prepared to get in the water. Blowing up floaties, slathering on sunscreen and sipping on a few coldies got us in the zone. Unexpected entertainment was found in Zac pumping up his Aussie thong to the beat of the music, busting out some interesting moves.

Yacht Sailing in the Harbour

As soon as we anchored everyone was straight into the water. We threw the ball around, failing miserably to catch it mid-air off the boat, chilled on the floaties, drank and ate some pretty good sambos – everything went swimmingly.

Paddy flipping into the ocean

Then came time to play Evil Santa, a game that shows everyone’s true colours. Everyone behaved until the portable phone charger and French press were opened; they were hot commodities this year.

We returned to Darling Harbour in the afternoon and headed back to the office for some gaming action: Nintendo and ping pong. We practiced our ping pong in light of the fast approaching Conversant Media Tournament; liquid courage raised the creativity of attempted shots, although perhaps not the standard.

Lebanese at Abdul’s won the vote for dinner, where we feasted on aggressive volumes of hummus, tabouleh and lamb kofta. As everyone stuffed their faces, the day began to catch up with us and walls were being hit. No one made it to karaoke, which was probably a blessing. Who wants to see a bunch of drunken media fools serenading each other after being convinced Backstreet Boys was a good choice?

All in all, it was a wonderful day full of laughter, cheer and fortunately minimal sunburn; a well-deserved day for everyone in the office! The team breakfast the next morning at Reuben Hills definitely fixed any hint of a hangover.

Special thanks to Zac and Zolt for our gifts, and Sorrel and Michael for organising an epic day!

Group photo on Catamaran

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