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30 Aug Crowdsourcing a new tagline for Lost At E Minor

We undertook an interesting exercise yesterday, posting on the Lost At E Minor Facebook Wall (which has 27,000 fans) that we were looking for a new tagine for the Lost At E Minor site to replace the 'For Creative People' one we've used pretty much since its inception in 2005. And we've been overwhelmed by the response (148 suggestions so far and counting). Yes, it's nice to feel loved every now and then, but more importantly, the crowd supplied taglines have provided a very useful window into how our readers perceive our 'cool culture' site. Sometimes we're so immersed in the actual act of compiling the content every day, that it's easy to forget where your relevance lies in the lives of those who visit most days. So this crowdsourcing project has been most useful, both for that reason, and also because we may (may) just come out of the process with a brand new way for people to remember us once they leave the site.
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13 Jul Social Media: our new best friend

When you run websites that produce content - and lots of it, like we do - the perennial question is always how to get that content out in front of new potential readers in a low cost, efficient and compelling manner that might encourage them to become regular visitors to the sites themselves.
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12 Jul The Conversant way: ‘Any other way we can help?’

I met with a Roar writer on Friday here in Newcastle; an expected 20 minute coffee stretched to more than an hour as we talked sport, media, journalism, and how tough it can be when starting out. I came back into the office and had a quick debrief with Zac, just letting him know the takeouts and some topics of interest that came out of it. The final question he asked stuck with me: "Any other way we can help?". That's something I really like about this company. Unexpected but genuine kindness. Actually trying to help people. Why do we do it?
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