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18 Dec Conversant Media’s Harbour Christmas Lunch

This year's Christmas lunch featured a land-lubbin' team who were marched up the plank onto the good ship SS Banter. Actually it wasn't called that at all, but truth is, the name isn't important. It was the harbour, the cruising, and the good ol' fashion team bonding which made us all have a whale of a time. Prepare for more puns as we recap the day!
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21 Jul Why big businesses aren’t always the answer!

Having spent the best part of a decade working for large, multi-platform, international media companies, and for the most part loving it, I was for a while under the illusion that a big name on one’s resume was what success looked like and that all the best growth and development would come from that.
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The Conversant Media team

13 Apr Nine facts we bet you don’t know about the Conversant Media team

We've always thought we're a pretty diverse team here at Conversant Media - between our nine core team members, we were born in four different countries, have five Masters degrees, consume on average 2,208 coffees a year, and love to have a tonne of fun both in and out of the office. For example, it wasn't until it was mentioned at our weekly Wine Up (where we talk about our big wins of the week) that we learned that Jonathan parle Français - yup, fun fact: he often has entire email threads with some our French planners entirely in French. So, it got us thinking - what else don't people know about us? And with that, we present to you: our collection of 9 facts we guarantee you don't know about us.
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09 Mar Inductions for new starters: Treasure hunts, ten pin bowling, food, and more!

The Conversant team got together last night to welcome Ryman to the team and take some competition to the next level. First up was a team-bonding treasure hunt, followed by ten-pin bowling and a meal. We'll let the pictures do the talking - it was a fantastic night with the team, with the only damage some complaints about muscles we didn't think we had after knocking down pins!
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