The Conversant Media team

Nine facts we bet you don’t know about the Conversant Media team

We’ve always thought we’re a pretty diverse team here at Conversant Media – between our nine core team members, we were born in four different countries, have five Masters degrees, consume on average 2,208 coffees a year, and love to have a tonne of fun both in and out of the office.

For example, it wasn’t until it was mentioned at our weekly Wine Up (where we talk about our big wins of the week) that we learned that Jonathan parle Français – yup, fun fact: he often has entire email threads with some our French planners entirely in French.

So, it got us thinking – what else don’t people know about us? And with that, we present to you: our collection of 9 facts we guarantee you don’t know about us.

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Brooklyn, New York: Conversant Media’s other, other HQ

When we tell people that we have offices in Newcastle, they’re often a little surprised. Newcastle has a great, growing vibe, but somewhat understandably, Sydney and Melbourne are the hubs for nearly all publishers in Australia.

But we love Newcastle: it has beaches, a growing array of cafes, street-art, hip clothing shops, craft beer and tasty coffee everywhere you go. And it’s fast becoming a destination for young people as the University continues to grow.

But I think there’s somewhere that we’re copying and learning from and that is Brooklyn. Yup, Williamsburg, Bushwick. Greenpoint. The mecca.

This coming American summer, Elise and I are going over to New York to live, work, and write for 4 months and absorb a bit of the Brooklyn cool to bring back to our Australian readers.

We’ll be working out of a hip co-working joint in Brooklyn with the co-founder and publisher at Conversant Media, Zolton, who’s just moved back to his old stomping ground in Brooklyn after a couple of years in Austin, Texas.

We’ll be getting ahead of the …

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A very Conversant night out

Inductions for new starters: Treasure hunts, ten pin bowling, food, and more!

The Conversant team got together last night to welcome Ryman to the team and take some competition to the next level. First up was a team-bonding treasure hunt, followed by ten-pin bowling and a meal. We’ll let the pictures do the talking – it was a fantastic night with the team, with the only damage some complaints about muscles we didn’t think we had after knocking down pins!

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Conversant Media's newest site, Techly

Why we’ve launched Techly

Our newest site, Techly, went live a few weeks ago. With a tagline of ‘Tech You’re Talking About’, the site has already hit 140,000 unique views for February – a huge number, suggesting that we’ve found our niche within the Australian tech space.

Along the way, we’ve broken an exclusive on Dogecoin, which went viral.

We think we’re onto something. Let’s talk more about what that something is.

Techly may have popped up without much fanfare, but it’s been in the back of our minds for a long time. It didn’t suddenly become a good idea: it stemmed from the increase and awareness of tech in everything we do.

Consider our current websites, The Roar and Lost At E Minor. Both sites reflect our interests as publishers and content creators.

The Roar stemmed from our love of sport and the robust debate around it; Lost At E Minor emerged out of the ridiculous amount of ‘awesome’ we were typically finding and needing to share every day.

And we love tech …

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Zac Zavos @ Mumbrella360

Zac Zavos on: The state of the media in Australia @ Mumbrella360

Darren Woolley, Founder of TrinityP3, has posted about a recent panel Zac – MD of Conversant Media – was on. Here’s his post, reproduced below. Check out the full post on TrinityP3′s website and also the website of co-host of the panel, Denise Shrivelle’s Mediascope.

————— At Mumbrella 360 last year, Denise Shrivell, managing director of MediaScope and I, Darren Woolley, managing director TrinityP3 convened a panel including Lynda Pallone, marketing services and integration manager for BlackmoresRob Dingwall, media and marketing operations, Kellogg’sToby Hack, MD, PhD AustraliaChris Mort, CEO TMS AustraliaTony Kendall, director of sales, Bauer Media Group and Zac Zavos, co-founder and managing director, Conversant Media, to discuss the issues that arose from the industry research we had undertaken.

The video of the session, filmed by Mumbrella, has just been posted on YouTube. Here are the three parts from that session.

Part 1: Key insights from the results

In this first part we established the purpose of the research and outlined some of …

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The Emirates Australian Open Golf Pro AM

Fore! The Emirates Australian Open experience

I was lucky enough to get a guernsey in this year’s Emirates Australian Open Golf Pro AM at Royal Sydney on the Wednesday leading into the Australian Open, thanks to Emirates and the team at PPR. For a golf tragic, there’s nowhere else you’d rather be!

The professional for our group was Australian golfing legend Craig “Popeye” Parry and what a great bloke he was too. It was an honour to play with him – and he was kind enough to drop a couple of hints towards this hacker!

The format was an official one: Team 4BB Nett stroke, which in short, means you play your own ball but only count one score (the best) from the four players per hole. In theory, that gives your team a competitive round!

Among those in attendance, looking to tune up before the main event later in the week, were US Masters hero Adam Scott, World Cup winner Jason day and the eventual Australian Open winner, world number 8 Rory McIlroy.

It was a great reminder not only of the …

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When is it okay to be wrong in business?

After nearly ten years of working in media, I’m finally coming to the conclusion that I think the correct answer is ‘always‘. Sure, most of us would prefer not to be wrong. I get it. Afterall, when we’re right:

1. We progress in the direction we originally intended – saving time, and making it look like we made the right decision in the first place.

2. (We think) we look better, smarter, and more successful (arguably less imperfect?) in the eyes of others.

And maybe we do. But is this always necessary?

And is it always best to continue in the originally intended direction? Of course not!

How many different career paths have many of the world’s most successful business leaders and entrepreneurs embarked down before finding their sweet spot (Richard Branson being a great example)?

Mistakes (and moreover being receptive to criticism over one’s mistakes) are what enable us to develop and progress.

But many of us take criticism in the wrong way, seeing it as a sign of weakness. And, of course, weakness is …

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Jennifer Hawkins poses at the Melbourne Cup 2013

The Roar’s Melbourne Cup 2013 – records break but not the servers

Image: Jennifer Hawkins poses at the Melbourne Cup 2013 (AAP Images)

The Melbourne Cup has always been big for Australia – and it’s big for us too.

In 2012, with myself and Racing Editor Justin Cinque down at Flemington for the first time, Cup day was the biggest day ever for The Roar by some margin.

Yet it could have been so much more, with a sudden spike of more than 20,000 simultaneous viewers managing to grind our servers to a halt for around 20 minutes as the server guys madly rebooted everything and threw more CPUs at the traffic problem.

This year, with some additional careful management from our host Bulletproof, we were ready. They doubled our CPU and Memory especially for the day. At one stage we were sending 20 Mbps out, and the site barely slowed at all.

And we’re happy to say that the Melbourne Cup day of 2013 was again our new biggest ever day – with 346,343 unique browsers turning up to read a preview, pick a horse based …

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Lost At E Minor passes 1 million monthly UVs: time to party!

We threw a Lost At E Minor party in Sydney on October 10 for no other reason than it just felt like the right time to do it. Well, that and the fact that we’ve had a number of significant milestones to celebrate over the past month or so.

* We passed 1,000,000 unique browsers on the site during October due to a big bump in traffic on the back of the most popular post we’ve ever run on Lost At E Minor: Ballet Dancers in Random Situations (97,000+ Facebook Likes and counting) * We sent out our 1,000th email newsletter (going out to 32,800+ subscribers) * We picked up our 50,000th Facebook Like (we’re now sitting at 53,800) * We like loud noise and good company

All of which sounded like some good reasons to bring a bunch of interesting people together in the old Chocolate Factory in Haymarket.

And, of course, the night itself was huge. The star of the party was local artist James Jirat Patradoon, who decorated …

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