Recapping the annual Conversant Media offsite

Recapping the annual Conversant Media offsite

In April the Conversant Media team ventured into the wilderness for our 2018 offsite, and after one or two (or twenty) navigational mishaps, arrived at a rather lovely set of cabins in the New South Wales countryside.

We divided into teams for a bit of friendly competition and showed off our collective creative ability by when it came to picking names such as the Essence Of Wetness, the Ball Tamperers (very topical), Abducted By Aliens (or AbBA), and of course Married At First (Off)Sight.

Learning a bit more about each other brought us all a bit closer together – which employee once tried to murder their brother with a samurai sword? Sorry, but you had to be there to find out – and we got a bit more active in the afternoon.

Have you ever raced drones through an obstacle course? Neither have we, though not for lack of trying. Unfortunately the four drones we had on hand for the occasion seemed more interested in a Skynet-style uprising than racing for our amusement, but we managed to prevent Judgement Day albeit at the cost of a few sore fingers put too close to the blades.

The evening saw us all locked in a bitter struggle for dominance in our trivia competition before we dived into spitroast pig, beverages (many), and karaoke. Thank goodness we were safely away from civilisation.

The morning after saw a triumphant return home with a truly Herculean amount of bacon and egg rolls consumed along the way.

Oh, and don’t worry, we were at least a little productive during our time away, brainstorming a new definition of ourselves as a company… you can find it on the home page!

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