We’re now professional Long Table Lunchers

We’re now professional Long Table Lunchers

Recently, the Conversant Media team got a taste of what it’s like to be a person of leisure, who lunches on long tables, who sips champagne in the early afternoon sun, and relaxes on balconies overlooking the beautiful Sydney skyline.

It’s not every day that a workplace has the chance to casually gather together and enjoy a relaxed long lunch. And let’s be honest, we massively indulged in it – for just one afternoon. Case in point available below.

CEO Zac Zavos (AKA Head Chef), cooked up an amazing feast on the Weber – demonstrating to the team he can do more than just run a digital media company. That said, the cooking wasn’t without a few laughs for the office – with a fair amount of tin foil needed to ensure the correct cooking temperatures.

The move to our new Level 9 office bought the fortunate opportunity to hold events like this, which we really could get used to having more often. With summer on the way out, utilising this great space has become more important than ever – hence why I’m writing this post sitting in our brand new outdoor hanging pod seats.

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