Conversant Media’s first ever team squash day was an absolute ripper

Conversant Squash Day

Conversant Media’s first ever team squash day was an absolute ripper

Taking a break from the frantic world of digital publishing, the Conversant Media team swapped our keyboards for racquets as we had a crack at the equally frantic sport of squash.

(Fun fact: squash is the highest calorie-burning sport in the world, and let me to you, you can certainly feel it.)

There were certainly a few nervous team members as we entered the hallowed halls of the East Coast Squash Academy – the prospect of a tiny black rubber ball flying around a small, enclosed space at breakneck speeds had some a little on-edge.

But after a warm-up and some guidance from former Australian representative, Aaron Frankcomb, the gang were good to go.

A “friendly” round-robin tournament was the centrepiece of the day, although I’m using the term ‘friendly’ pretty loosely here – plenty of pride and bragging rights were on the line.

The Zavos brothers’ years of squash experience shone through in the top division, but it was the rising stars that really had tongues wagging.

The Zavos brothers offering sage advice to their young charges.

Alice and Liam proved they had some natural flair for the sport, and Michael’s tenacious competitive streak was impossible to ignore.

Not to pat ourselves on the back too much, but by the end of the day we were all very much getting into the “swing” of it (sorry) – the newly inaugurated Conversant Media Squash Club being the proof in the pudding.

There’s really is nothing quite like getting out of the office, having a runaround and picking up some new skills with your mates.

And of course we celebrated the day with a few cheeky beers and pizza to top off the night (we earned it…right?)

Work hard. Play hard.

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