Conversant Media head for the hills to bond and refresh

Conversant Media head for the hills to bond and refresh

A feeling of anticipation was in the air as the Conversant Media crew packed into a bus for the annual, highly secretive offsite. The two-day retreat giving the team a chance to refresh, bond and plan CM’s strategy for 2017.

The bus headed west of our Surry Hills office along with half of Sydney, and it didn’t take long before someone remembered that we left dinner in the fridge.

A quick pit stop on the M4 gave the team a vital clue as to the whereabouts of the accommodation, the bus heading straight for the Blue Mountains!

We arrived at Jemby Rinjah Eco Lodge where we were given our cabin groups.

Once unpacked we headed to a local restaurant in Blackheath called the Piedmont Inn, where we indulged ourselves with some delicious pizza, pasta and a few beverages.

During courses, a collection of embarrassing baby photos of the team were hung on the wall; and after a close inspection and a vote, the individuals were revealed.

Attention then turned to the birthday girl, Alice, who was serenaded with a perfect rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ led by the ever-jolly Ed.

We returned to base camp and surrendered to our warm cabins to end day one in the mountains.

The smell of bacon and eggs signalled the start of a new day as dawn broke through the treetops.

It was time to get stuck into our Conversant Media strategic plan for 2017. We crammed into a cabin and kicked off the proceedings with an ‘about me’ session, where we found out some dark and embarrassing secrets about each other.

Zac and Zolton lead us through company pillars, with a transition into video content being a big focus point moving forward 


Next up was the elevator pitch led by Michael. The team broke up into groups to come up with a polished version summarising what we do at Conversant Media.

Then it was time for the surprise activity, the highlight of the trip! All we were told was to wear jeans and enclosed shoes.

We arrived at Megalong Valley Farm, where we discovered that we would be horse riding and be competing in the Stockman’s Relay.

We split into two groups, Group A grabbed a helmet and headed to the yards nervously anticipating a ride on a four legged beast.

Once Group A were all saddled up, the posse headed for the hills in single file. The hour long trail ride snaked through the middle of the property, up to the top of a hill. The path ran parallel to a valley, the view simply took our breath away.

Meanwhile, Group B were competing in the amazing race, which involved various outback challenges such as the gumboot toss.

The whip separated the boys from the men, as Richard, Michal and Zac all managed to get it cracking, while Zolton gave himself a few red marks.

The groups switched activity and met up for the Bushmans relay to cap off the day.

The final surprise was a stunning view of the Blue Mountains at Evans’ lookout:

The campfire was lit in preparation for cooking our delicious marinated shish kebabs. The succulent marinated steak and pork washed down with some beer, wine and cider capping off a marvellous day in the mountains, and a wonderful trip with Conversant Media.

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