Beer, bowling and bragging rights at Conversant Media’s social night

Group shot of the Conversant Media crew posing at Strike.

Beer, bowling and bragging rights at Conversant Media’s social night

There’s nothing like some friendly (see: bitter) competition to unwind after a day at the office, and that’s exactly why the Conversant Media team headed to Strike at King Street Wharf on a pleasant Thursday evening.

After some minor difficulty locating the front door, we headed to the reception desk, swapped sneakers for bowling shoes, and took our positions in front of the pins. The Conversant Media crew were in full force, with enough enthusiastic ten-pin bowlers to fill four lanes.

It was clear from the outset that our CFO, Greg, was in his element. He held the ball close to his chin, eyeballing the pins like an apex predator stalking a wounded gazelle, before delivering the final blow with effortless poise.

Conversant Media team members bowling and chilling out on the couches.

Greg’s back-to-back strikes damaged the egos of nearby team members, while CEO Zac and Roar Editor Ben also impressed early as they battled for top spot in another group.

Newcomer Olivia drew accusations of “sharking” after posting a formidable total.

It turns out sending pins cartwheeling into each other and watching eSports editor Stirling’s hilarious theatrics is extremely entertaining, so we just had to bowl for two more rounds.

Video editor Riordan enjoyed a strong run of form to finish, but Greg and Ben closed out the competition as clear winners.

Once the bowling balls were returned to their racks and the trash talk had died down, those with energy left to spare kicked on at the pub next door for more beer, chatting and tomfoolery to close out the night.

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