Company news

03 Apr Conversant welcomes Elise, Ben, Chad and Cormack to the fold

Online publishing is a great industry to be a part of. We work with interesting writers who create great content for our audiences to engage with. Our audience also share their content and comments with us. And they form a real community around our sites (on The Roar, for instance, we just published our 1 millionth comment). And we also work with agencies and brands to help them reach our readership. So in the course of any given month, we make millions of 'people touch-points'.
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Team Conversant

28 Jan Team Conversant makes waves in 2013

As many growing businesses may attest, each team member may have one title but we all wear many hats. At Conversant Media we pride ourselves on being well rounded. We embrace the latest micro business trends: using utility apps, Google search shortcuts – you name it.
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