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13 Jul Social Media: our new best friend

When you run websites that produce content - and lots of it, like we do - the perennial question is always how to get that content out in front of new potential readers in a low cost, efficient and compelling manner that might encourage them to become regular visitors to the sites themselves.
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12 Jul The Conversant way: ‘Any other way we can help?’

I met with a Roar writer on Friday here in Newcastle; an expected 20 minute coffee stretched to more than an hour as we talked sport, media, journalism, and how tough it can be when starting out. I came back into the office and had a quick debrief with Zac, just letting him know the takeouts and some topics of interest that came out of it. The final question he asked stuck with me: "Any other way we can help?". That's something I really like about this company. Unexpected but genuine kindness. Actually trying to help people. Why do we do it?
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